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At PRIME 312 our services are built with agility, versatility, and quality in mind. We've distilled our collection of creative services tools down into a lean and powerful kit. This allows us to walk into any situation with the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done, but without the substantial physical footprint of many other production companies. Whether it’s resources, space, or time, we waste nothing. We believe clients should not have to choose between value or quality. When they work with PRIME 312 they always get both.

Every opportunity we have to collaborate with organizations doing important and exceptional work is something we value immensely. We’re passionate and enthusiastic about our work, our growing roster of clients, and proud of the reputation we’ve built. If your organization is seeking a partner to help tell its story, please contact us today.

Videography & Filmmaking

Social Media Micro-Clips

Advertisements (30-60 Seconds)

Event Summaries and Sizzle Reels

Fundraising and Promotional Videos

Short-Form Documentaries

Feature-Length Documentaries

Live-Streaming Video Production

Events, seminars, and more!

Produced in 1080p High-Definition.

Virtual Event Development

Helping you develop and execute on an event 

strategy tailored to your organization's needs.

Creative Services

​Graphic Design

Marketing Consulting

Website and Landing Page Design


We work hard to understand 

your organization, and find 

the best way to tell its story.


When our client's goals evolve, we are prepared to evolve

right along with them.

AIA Film Challenge seal_Finalist 2018_bl


Efficient production methods allow us to move at whatever pace our client desires.


We understand the value of communication, and take pride in our responsiveness.



We are very proud of the recent work we did with the American Cancer Society on their 2020 Virtual Discovery Ball. The video above was commissioned to be used as the introductory piece of the event's programming. After receiving initial guidance and parameters from the Discovery Ball team at ACS, we were given the opportunity to develop, write, and produce the piece above. We submitted it for review, and the response to it was so positive that it ended up being utilized by the organization as a promotional piece leading up to the event. 


We also completed a Community Impact Partner Spotlight piece featuring TEMPUS, as well as a variety of other video pieces and components that were utilized during the virtual event broadcast on May 21st, 2020.  Despite the obstacles that come along with unexpectedly having to pivot a live gala to a virtual event, the American Cancer Society still managed to raise over $1.85 million at the 2020 Discovery Ball. We are proud of the opportunity we had to contribute to that success.

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