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"PRIME 312 is an extraordinary company to work with. They have

a special way of connecting with clients that creates an atmosphere

of joy and creativity.  They make

the process feel natural."

Victoria Spires

Assoc. Director of HR & Operations

Cabrini-Green Legal Aid

"Creates An
Atmosphere O
Joy And Creativity."

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"They have been pivotal in assisting us as we build our brand, grow our media presence, and create engaging content to support fundraising and recruitment efforts.  PRIME 312 is a valued thought-partner, and critical piece of our communication and

marketing strategy."

Rather Stanton

COO & Co-Founder

Legal Prep Charter Academy

"A Critical Piece Of Our Communication And Marketing Strategy."

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"Their work speaks for itself -- incredibly high-quality and full of personalized touches. They were 

a dream to work with, always responsive, and accommodating

of our schedules, as well as those

of our clients, board members

and other supporters."

Fawn O'Brien

Development Coordinator

Ascend Justice

"Their Work
Speaks For

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"The video far exceeded

our expectations by creatively

combining beautiful videography, succinct interviews of our clients,

and thoughtfully appropriate music resulting in a compelling story

about our work.  We couldn’t

have been more satisfied."

Mark Hellner

Executive Director

Center For Disability & Elder Law

Compelling Story."

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"PRIME 312 was a wise investment for our company. They're incredibly responsive and knowledgeable

when it comes to understanding

the direction of our company,

and we look forward to seeing

what else they are able to

come up with for us!"

Conrad Szajna


Formed Space

"PRIME 312 Was

Wise Investment

For Our Company."

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"I've worked with PRIME 312

on multiple projects and don't

want to work with anyone else!

I know they will do whatever

it takes to create something

beautiful that is exactly

what I'm looking for."

Maya Bird-Murphy


Chicago Mobile Makers

"I Don't Want
To Work With
Anyone Else!"

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"PRIME 312 goes above and beyond. The time and energy they put into shooting and editing ensures the

final product exceeds expectations. Organized, creative, experienced,

and professional – I would recommend them in a heartbeat!"

Emily Shuki
US Manager
James Dyson Foundation

"Organized, Creative, Experienced, and Professional."

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"PRIME 312 has a passion for stories

that don’t often get told, and that translates into their work. We were especially impressed by their ability

to synthesize the many threads

of a complicated narrative into

a simple visual story that moved

our diverse audience."

Bonnie Allen

Executive Director

Chicago Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights

"A Passion For
Stories That Don't
Often Get Told."

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We work hard to understand 

your organization, and find 

the best way to tell its story.


When our client's goals evolve,

we are prepared to evolve

right along with them.


Efficient production methods allow

us to move at whatever pace

our client desires.


We understand the value of communication, and take pride

in our responsiveness.

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We are an award-winning boutique creative services agency that produces the content you’d expect from the biggest and best firms in the world. Our acclaimed creative vision, knack for concept development, and blue-collar work ethic elevates every project we work on. Whether it’s time, resources, or a good idea, we waste nothing. That’s because we believe clients should not have to choose between value, efficiency, or quality. When they work with us they get them all.


We’re passionate and enthusiastic about our work, our growing roster of clients, and proud of the reputation we’ve built. If your organization is seeking a partner to help tell its story, please contact us today.

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The following video piece is the culmination of a project that took us to Philadelphia, New York, and all around Chicago. We are very proud of the energy we were able to capture with this, and feel that it is a great representation of the enthusiasm and passion you'll find in DetermiNation participants and leadership. Check it out below to see for yourself...

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Legal Prep Charter Academy

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City of Chicago DPD

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American Cancer Society

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Built Different Podcast

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"PRIME 312 is exceptional. Their ability to weave together a narrative and produce inspiring, compelling content on a short timeline is second to none."

"Their work stands out from the crowd and is visual storytelling at its best."


​City of Chicago  |  Deputy Mayor

Economic and Neighborhood Development


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Every once in awhile we find time to develop a project of our own. In 2022, that effort yielded the video below. It's a pitch for a broadcast or web series that would follow Norma's journey as she strives to turn herself from a novice baker into an expert. We are including it here because it provides some insight into who we are, and also doubles as an accurate demonstration of our production skills and style.

In 2021 we also produced a handful of digital pieces to present to various networks for consideration. They follow the initial stages of a home renovation project, and can be viewed below. Additional footage related to that home renovation project can be seen in our video piece for Coen Carpentry Services.

Episode 2 WINNER
Episode 3 WINNER
Episode 1


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